We are thrilled to work with Richard and Hilary at The Conservatoire.  Without doubt, they are the most dynamic, innovative and fun choir leaders in town.  Not only do they come up with fabulous ideas for choir workshops, but the singers love them because of their professionalism, talent and most of all the way they make the music come alive.  They get fantastic results because they have mastered the balance of being rigorous about quality, but nurturing and supportive of their singers at the same time, regardless of their experience.  We love them!

Sydney Thornbury, CEO, The Conservatoire, 2015

Hilary Campbell and Richard Harker worked with us at Eastfield Academy between September 2013 and June 2014. All our children were very inspired by the repertoire she chose, which was really varied. Hilary responded brilliantly to the pace at which our children worked, and they in turn rose with gusto to the challenges she gave them. They gained skills in reading music, they learned how to present themselves as a choir, and Hilary helped them to understand how to improve their performances as individuals and as a group. The standard of singing they achieved was really impressive, particularly at the Christmas concert held at St Matthew’s church; parents and staff were really blown away by the quality of the music presented. As their teacher, I was particularly aware of the pride the children had in their new-found abilities, and I also gained a great deal of knowledge about choral conducting from watching Hilary and Richard which has stood me in good stead for continuing to sing with the children at school. We loved having Hilary and Richard in school to work with our children and would recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to benefit from the experience that they can bring to a group of singers welcomes them in!

Gina Kirkwood, Head of Music, Eastfield Academy, 2015

In the summer of 2013, it was decided that Malcolm Arnold Academy, and its feeder Primaries in the DRET organisation, would be involved in a choral project to ‘kick start’ choral groups in those schools.  Visits yielded large, highly enthusiastic, workshop groups.  Having successfully rehearsed all three choirs separately, Hilary brought them together for a terrific performance at St Matthews Church, Northampton. The Choral project in Northampton was a great success. The students and staff at all three schools gained hugely from the experience and the legacy has resulted in further performances in Northampton and another great Carol Service at St Matthews. Hilary and Richard worked tirelessly throughout the whole project. They were endlessly patient with the pupils. I would recommend them without hesitation for similar projects in other academies and schools. They made a big difference.

Toby Mullins, Executive Principal, DRET Northampton, 2015